Friday, November 28, 2008

New Beginnings Program by Maurice Arcache

BALLET Philippines (BP) and Philippine Tatler magazine partnered with Ayala Land Premier, Olay and renowned Sofitel to present the magnificent “New Beginnings” gala.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I enjoy reading the newspaper at night when I eat what Rhea calls "2nd dinner". I get home round 12ish midnight, all hungry, and see what dinner Nanang Mitsi cooked for my family and I devour whatever's left. Ain't that part of the job description of a mom...having your stomach as the food trash bin and eat the food your child cannot finish? :)

Tonight, I enjoyed reading an article entitled Can't sleep? Shut Your busy mind in the Philippine Daily Inquirer. It mentions that key to having sound sleep is peace of mind. It advises us of realigning the spirit by staying in the present. Focusing on the past or the future only causes greater anxiety or remorse. Reminded me of the slogan I've given myself in order to survive/enjoy Coppelia: take it one day at a moment at a time. Isn't dance all about the present? Our bodies keep changing everyday.Yah, we do have muscle memory but two moments in time can never really be identical.

The article also says that the key to making chages in one's life is putting willingness over willpower.

Willingness opens the heart and mind to accept and make changes; willpower involves the ego leading the self to win. Look at it as a spiritual medicine,it should be a soulful experience. Do things that will make you happy. Finding happiness can give you inner peace.


Monday, November 24, 2008

warning: quite serious/ don't read when you wanna feel sunny today :)

It has been breaking my heart to start my work day with witnessing a separation anxiety attack from my much as I enjoy spending quality time with Julio – reading him his favorite stories, giving him a bath, playing Speller Jr., etc. -- it also tears me up into pieces whenever he sees that I am about to leave him and he wails with a panic-stricken face: 'I will go to CCP with you! I will dance ballet with you'. I just toughen up myself when I leave the house and be thankful that I can leave my son to two households (mine and my in-laws) that love him to bits.

And this brings me to the feeling of gratitude in my life now. I have a beautiful family. I dance with a wonderful company. I am given a chance to portray a well-known character in a story unexpected but really wonderful break...So it nags me whenever I'm on the brink of bitching about being so tired or of not being able to spend enough time with my husband, Ari, and with Julio, or of being not able to sleep long enough when Julio shouts at 7am (albeit with a lot of sweetness and endearment in his voice): WAKE UP, MAMA KITTY! Go down from the bed, Mama Kitty! -- that really...there is nothing to complain about and there's a lot more to be thankful for.

Maybe this train of thought was supported by quite a morbid “half a weekend” I had yesterday. All in a span of 24 hours I hear about a childhood friend losing her husband, aged 34, in a motorcycle accident (my friend is almost my age and they have a daughter around 6-7 years old) masseuse losing her three day-old baby due to a birth defect...watching in Starworld a moving bio pic, Romulus, My Father , which starred Eric Bana:
ROMULUS, MY FATHER is based on Raimond Gaita's critically acclaimed memoir. It tells the story of Romulus, his beautiful wife, Christina, and their struggle in the face of great adversity to bring up their son, Raimond.

It is the tale of a boy trying to balance a universe described by his deeply moral father, against the experience of heartbreaking absence and neglect from a depressive mother. It is, ultimately, a story of impossible love that celebrates the unbreakable bond between father and son.

I had to change channels in some scenes of the movie because it got depressing when it dealt with suicides of some characters. No wonder Raimond Gaita became a philospher and author. He really dealt a lot about life at a really young age. The ending was in a hopeful note. Raimund and Romulus set free upon a high cliff some almost dead bees (or some insignificant looking insects) and watch them fly to life. My night didn't end with that movie. I also watched a BBC-docu that my husband worked on as sound recordist. The topic? Pneumonia and children as its favorite victim. I couldn't NOT watch because this was something my husband worked on. The topic was not that depressing but it did make me think about the future of my son and what kind of life faces him here in Manila. You can still catch the docu “Survival” this week as it will still be aired.(check BBC website for sked ... plugging for the hubby. Yeah!)

It's a wonder I was still able to sleep well last night. I want to believe that somehow I'm anchored well in my relationship with God/Higher Being/the Universe that with all the complexities of life I still find in me a quiet center that is overflowing with gratitude and joy. I want to believe that somehow dancing helps me find that center. Just the act of going beyond one's self and feeling like a sacred instrument is good enough reason for me to go out there, leave my son for a while, and WORK. It would be a great day for me when WORK translates to this energy that can transfrom me in different levels...physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. That is something I would be thankful for. Then there are days when it all feels routinary and ordinary. When it feels blah...i remind myself that I should be thankful that at the very least, I'M ALIVE!

Musings of November 24, 2008 (22nd death anniversary of Aniceto C. Sanchez, my Father)

Kit S. Trofeo

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ballet Philippines presents Coppélia

Ballet Philippines’ shimmering new production of Alan Hineline’s Coppélia will be accompanied by the soaring music of Léo Delibes played live by members of the Manila Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Jeffrey Solares. Designs for the whimsical sets are by Mio Infante; Eric Pineda has created costumes that will transport audiences into the ballet’s 19th century.

As one of the world’s most popular classical story ballets, Coppélia’s sentimental comic story is beloved by ballet audiences the world over. As the story unfolds, Dr Coppélius, the eccentric toymaker, has created the lifelike Coppélia doll and wishes for nothing more than to bring her to life. He imagines that his dream has finally come true, but has merely been caught up in the tomfoolery surrounding a lovers' tiff. In the end, love triumphs over all in this comedy of mistaken identity. The finale is a breathtaking celebration of the lovers' marriage. Coppélia is an enchanting, effervescent family ballet, for audiences of all ages – a perfect holiday treat!

Ticket World Outlets: +632 891 9999
CCP Box Office: +632 832 3704
Ballet Philippines: +632 551-0221/551-1003/832-3689/832-6011

Money saving season subscriptions are still available, for as little as P3200, from Ballet Philippines. BP is pleased to once again offer discounts to Students with ID (50% off), Seniors (20% off) and Groups of 20 or More (20% off). Special discount rates are also available for School Groups.

This production of Coppélia is made possible in part thanks to the support of Ayala Land Premiere, Globe Telecom, PCSO, Rene Barbier and Freixenet Cava Wines

PHILSTAGE Jury Announces 3rd Gawad Buhay Citations

Ballet Philippines' La Revolucion Filipina earned seven citations for outstanding dance production, choreography (Agnes Locsin), ensemble performance, male lead performance (Biag Gaongen), lighting design (Katsch SJ Catoy), set design (Mio Infante) and costume design (Victor Ursabia).

Gawad BUHAY!, otherwise known as the PHILSTAGE Awards for the Performing Arts, honors outstanding accomplishments in theater, dance and music among PHILSTAGE member-companies. Quarterly citations, nominations, and winners are juried by an independent panel of performing arts practitioners, critics, academicians and enthusiasts invited or selected by the PHILSTAGE Board of Directors.

"The jury members are required to watch all productions of Philstage members to ensure a fair selection process," stressed PHILSTAGE President Fernando Josef. The jury meets quarterly for the citations from which will be culled the nominees qualified to vie for the annual award to be announced and honored in fitting ceremonies during the National Arts Month in February 2009.

PHILSTAGE groups together the country's leading and established performing arts companies which include Actors Actors, Inc. (AAI), Ballet Manila (BM), Ballet Philippines (BP), Gantimpala Theater Foundation (GTF), Organisasyon ng Pilipinong Mang-aawit (OPM), Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA), Repertory Philippines (REP), Tanghalang Pilipino and the Triumphant Peoples' Evangelical Theater Society (TRUMPETS). It can be reached via email

A Nerve-wracking Saturday for Everyone (Posted by Rhea)

If for the outside world Satuday is a day people look forward to, we who live in the deep recesses of the CCP see Saturday as the biggest hurdle we have to face to deserve a day off. For us dancers, Saturday is the longest, most difficult day of the week.

Most of us teach ballet classes every Saturday morning, and getting up early after rehearsals til 10pm the night before is really a challenge. 

Then you have the regular Saturday soreness to deal with when class and rehearsals are underway. Saturday is simply the day you feel all the hard work of the week dawning on you. 

Yesterday was especially nerve-wracking for most of us. Our young scholars, whom we call the BP Kidz, performed a one-hour version of The Nutcracker at the Bonifacio High Street. They started the day very early (9am class despite a grueling Coppelia rehearsal til 10 the night before) and ended at almost 10 pm. In the middle of that long day, there were major organizational slip-ups that we had to adjust to, and I am proud to say, our young dancers coped very well. The performance was a success, and most of all, our scholars learned so much and enjoyed themselves immensely!

Back at the homefront, rehearsals for Coppelia continued. Because of the lack of dancers (many scholars who are part of Coppelia were also in the scholars' show in BHS), some have had to rehearse many different parts to cover for those not there. Since I was with the scholars, Nica, a guest dancer had to do my parts--which were completely opposite of what she had learned! (Thanks Nica!) 

Meantime, our Swanhildas (the lead girl in Coppelia) Kit, Candice and Carissa rehearsed their solos late into the night. I wonder how they feel... I haven't checked their Facebook status yet, but I bet it has the words "tired", "sore" and "look forward to the weekend."

From the Philippine Star

Beauty begets beauty in Ballet Philippines Gala
PURPLE SHADES By Letty Jacinto-Lopez Updated November 03, 2008

A lady visiting from Australia stood next to me and exclaimed, “Your Filipiniana gowns are so exquisite that they simply blow me away.” She was right. There was this lady wearing a gown with a serpentina train made of natural, hand-woven fiber with a matching panuelo and accentuated by a suite of fine rubies. Soon, the lobby was bustling with guests and patrons dressed at their finest. This was Ballet Philippines’ (BP) fundraising gala to introduce the second program of the season dubbed as “New Beginnings.”

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

From ABS CBN Global

11/11/08 Ballet Philippines announces Live Music for Alan Hineline's Coppelia (click here for complete article)

Ballet Philippines announces Live Music for Alan Hineline's CoppeliaBallet Philippines and Manila Symphony Orchestra Partner for Holiday ProductionMANILA, PHILIPPINES – Ballet Philippines (BP) brightens the holiday season with the announcement that ballet and live music will once again return to the Cultural Center of the Philippines' (CCP) Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo for performances of Alan Hineline's Coppélia. The Manila Symphony Orchestra (MSO), under the baton of conductor Jeffrey Solares, will bring Léo Delibes soaring score to life for a selection of its performances.

News from PSEP

Ballet Philippines announces Live Music for Alan Hineline's Coppelia (click here for complete article)

Ballet Philippines and Manila Symphony Orchestra Partner for Holiday Production

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Ballet Philippines (BP) brightens the holiday season with the announcement that ballet and live music will once again return to the Cultural Center of the Philippines' (CCP) Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo for performances of Alan Hineline's Coppélia. The Manila Symphony Orchestra (MSO), under the baton of conductor Jeffrey Solares, will bring Léo Delibes soaring score to life for a selection of its performances.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

ATTACK OF THE NUTCRACKER PRINCE The Annual Halloween Company Class 2008

The Annual Halloween Company Class of BP 2008

This is one of the best things about being in this company: the Annual Halloween Company Class! Every year, the dancers dress up in costume and the Artistic Director chooses the best and most creative... and whatever category he feels like adding. 

Who is YOUR favorite? Leave a note!

Life Offstage

Our fair share of light, happy and goofy moments as we blaze through the first two productions of the season. After all the hard work, sprains and strains, frustrations and doubts, injuries and sickness...we keep coming back to a place of joy. Our art inspires us and as a BP family...we inspire each other.

After the curtain call of Gala Night, we were savoring the experience of being showered with rose
petals :) This photo was a bit needed about three takes to get that "shower" effect without covering our faces!

BP's dearest baby monkey, Lola, with Rhea and Sir Alan's leg and arm :)

More babies still...Kit's son, Julio and Camille's daughter, Kalel, giggly and so happy to be in CCP!

How could we ever function without you?

Just Cyril and Georgette's way of chilling out and enjoying the party food...

Sir Robert is internalizing "The Hurt We Embrace".

All glammed-up for the dinner party during Gala night. Can somebody upload Ea's touching vocal performance? :)

Marian smiling through bloodied lips after being kicked in Thresholds. Ice in the Coke Litro bottle and Jayson therapy seemed to work :)

Here in McDonalds in Los Banos...killing time as we wait for the PHSA bus and spend the night with Mariang Makiling.

PJ goofing around in the bus.
Uhm, what's new?

Here we are...hanging out during our UP Los Banos show of New Beginnings.

More photo blogs to come...see you all again :)